2019 First Friday programming

With the support of WellSpan Health, Downtown Inc is proud to help First Fridays continue to grow and expand, Downtown Inc will continue to bring activity to Continental Square during First Fridays with fresh programming from May-November.

This change will result in Downtown Inc’s staff and financial resources being more evenly distributed across the districts and encourage First Friday participants to circulate throughout more of the downtown and patronize more of our businesses.  Downtown Inc will continue to provide technical assistance to merchant groups wishing to arrange for programming and street closures.  For example, North Beaver Street will continue to host programming thanks to collaboration between White Rose Bar & Grill and other merchants.  Downtown Inc will also continue to provide more than $12,000 in grants each year to support programming, live music, and promotional activities at individual businesses and organizations during First Fridays.


Beginning in 2018, neighborhood and merchant groups within the Business Improvement District (BID) are encouraged to apply for their own block/street closure permits through the City of York Public Works Department.

Downtown Inc has reserved up to $3,600 to support merchant’s applications for street closures and will reimburse/pay for up to 3 street closure permits in the BID per month on a first-come, first-served basis.  There is no restriction on how many months a group can apply for reimbursement.

How Will Downtown Inc Help?

  • Connect with vendors, entertainment, and organizations, with the merchant groups.

  • Walk the merchant group through the street closure process. The permit application can be filled out online (Please choose "Block Party"), and a confirmation will be emailed when the permit has been approved. Please contact Downtown Inc when this is received, and we will drop off the check to City Hall.

  • Provide the sandbags, zip ties, and banners for the barricades.

  • Answer questions, talk through ideas, share best practices, and anything else you need to have a successful First Friday.

What Will Neighborhood Or Merchant Groups Who Apply Be Required To Do?

  • Coordinate vendors, entertainment, or other various types of programming for your block/district.

  • Print (or purchase from the City) their own “No Parking” signs and hang 48 hours in advance.

  • Confirm with the City that their barricades and trash cans are delivered.

  • Set up their own barricades at their requested street closure time AND remove their barricades at the conclusion of their street closure time.

  • Share their plans with Downtown Inc so we are able to promote.

Other things to keep in mind

  • If any food vendors will be set up, the vendor will need to fill out and submit a permit through the City's website. This will need to be completed one week prior to the event. If you have any questions, please contact Tamika Rascoe, at the City of York.

  • Merchant groups are in charge of deciding if they will be putting vendor fees in place for anyone setting up on First Friday. If fees will be collected, the merchant group will be in charge of setting fee amounts, collecting fees, and will keep all funds collected.


If you have any additional questions about permits, street closures, or First Friday in general, please contact Andrew Staub.