Get Ready to Jam Out on King Street


King Street Jam is ready to rock the streets of Downtown York from 10 a.m.-10 p.m on Saturday, June 22. Not only will there be a lineup of amazing performers, but you can enjoy beer, food and vendors, while jamming out to the music! Check out five artists coming to King Street Jam that you won’t want to miss:


1.)    The Ohio Players

One of the biggest names coming to the King Street Jam, The Ohio Players are back on the road for another return to the stage. The group originated in Dayton, Ohio in 1959, and have been making music ever since. With some of their hits “Fire”, “Ecstasy”, and “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow”, this group is bound to put on a great show.

2.)    Port Ellis

The group that started out as just cousins who wanted to play at their family gatherings, Port Ellis will take you on a dream-like ride with their style of music and their unique sound. “Port Ellis” first came on the scene when they signed with York College’s record label, York Volume. After hearing their latest song “Sun Soliloquy,” this five piece band is sure to have you on your feet wanting to hear more.

3.)    Parker Millscup

Oklahoma rooted Parker Millscup is bringing his southern twang to the stage. At just 26 years old, Parker has already made quite the name for himself. From performing with Elton John, to debuting on a Network TV show “Cohan”, Parker is up and coming at a rapid rate. Come downtown to hear his latest hits “Jealous Sun” and “Old Time Religion!”

4.)    Mel Washington

The former member of “All Get Out”, Mel Washington is a professional when it comes to performing. From sold out shows and festivals it is obvious that the spotlight was made for him. In 2012, Mel split from the band and decided to go solo. He brings the southern comfort with his latest song “Whiskey River.” With his relaxing and nurturing voice, it’s hard not to enjoy him!

5.)    Erika Wennerstorm

Last but not least, another Dayton, Ohio native Erika Wennerstorm will be taking the stage with her rich and powerful voice. Erika is formally from the band “Heartless Bastards,” but in 2018 she branched off to her own independent career. With her debut album “Sweet Unknown,” she is sure to be an act that you won’t want to miss.


For a full list of all the performers, click here!