9 Places to Hear Live Music in Downtown York

Live music at The Cantina in the Royal Square District.

Live music at The Cantina in the Royal Square District.

Downtown York is known for many wonderful things. From its local shops and boutiques, to its restaurants and breweries, there is something for everyone to enjoy. What some people might not know about downtown, is the hot-spots that showcase live music. Music has the power to bring people together, and that is exactly what happens at the various venues throughout the city. Check out nine places in Downtown York you can catch live tunes:

1.)    Sign of the Wagon

154 E. Philadelphia St.


Sign of the Wagon is an art gallery and house concert venue all-in-one. The name is derived from a local business that called our city home in the 18th century. Not only does this unique space provide art and a space for live music, it also has an electric musical instrument gear collection set-up, specifically to record local and touring acts. Check out their website to learn more!

2.)    Handsome Cab

106 N. George St.


Newer to the streets of Downtown York, The Handsome Cab brings a relaxing and unique experience for anyone who walks in the door. Not only does The Handsome Cab provide delicious food and wine, but it also has live music almost every Friday and Saturday, and open mic nights on Tuesdays. Come see what all the buzz is about at The Handsome Cab!


3.)     Granfalloon’s Tavern

41 E. Princess St.


Within the walls of its beautiful historic building, resides a comfortable and enjoyable environment. Located just two blocks from Market Street, Granfalloon’s Tavern offers a chance for anyone to sit back, grab a bite of food, play a game or two and enjoy the live music. Just like The Handsome Cab, on Tuesday nights karaoke is also offered. Granfalloon’s Tavern has a lot to offer, come down and see what all is there for you!


4.)     Holy Hound Taproom

57 W. Market St.


Located right off of Market Street, Holy Hound Taproom showcases 30 rotating crafts beers on tap, but they also deliver many opportunities for live music from local acts. With most of its live music being played on the weekends, schedule that next date night or get-together with friends at Holy Hound for a fun evening on the town.  


5.)     First Capital Dispensing Co.

57 N. Pershing Ave.


If you’re looking for a place to live like a local, First Capital Dispensing Co. is the place for you! Not only does this historic pub provide a fun atmosphere for everyone, it frequently has live entertainment for all ears. From local bands and artists, to open mic nights, First Capital Dispensing Co. is a go-to spot for music and more.


6.)     The Cantina

105 S. Duke St.


Downtown’s beloved Mexican cantina has captured the attention of many since its recent transformation. Located in the heart of the Royal Square District, The Cantina is full of fun live entertainment for all ages.  Starting out as a seasonal bar, The Cantina recently opened its doors in May for year-round service. They added food to their menu and renovated the entire space. Enjoy a night out featuring live music and DJ’s every weekend. Come out and see it for yourself!


7.)     Mudhook Brewing Co.

34 N. Cherry Lane.


With the pub’s perfect location right behind Cherry Lane Park, and close proximity to many downtown boutiques, Mudhook Brewing Company is an ideal spot- enjoy the beautiful trees and fun shopping sprees! On the weekend is when you can find the live music playing outside to accompany you while you sip your beer and dig into the delicious food.

8.)    Kable House Presents

34 W. Philadelphia St.


Hosted at Downtown York’s historic market house, Kable House Presents is a concert series that showcases up-and-coming acts that are on tour. Even though Kable House Presents is located in Central Market, they are not affiliated. The organization is completely volunteer driven. Kable House Presents began in 2014 with help by the support of the York community. Check out all of their upcoming performances on their website!

9.) CapLive at the Appell Center for the Performing Arts

50 N. George St.


The Appell Center for the Performing Arts is home to CapLive, a series of amazing live entertainment ranging from emerging acts to established performers. This historic venue is a great space for music lovers who enjoy an intimate setting. To see a list of upcoming CapLive performances, check out the Appell Center’s website.