The Downtown Destination Guide is the informational guide to York’s business improvement district (BID).  It includes listings of shops, restaurants, historic sites, night-life, museums, events, parking options and other items of special interest.  It also includes a map identifying points of interest and providing a user-friendly way to navigate downtown York.

40,000 copies of the Downtown Destination Guide will be distributed across York County in locations including hotel lobbies, sports facilities, the York Expo Center, and college student unions.  Downtown Inc partners with the York County Economic Alliance and the York County Convention and Visitors Bureau to ensure widespread reach and impact.

This publication is a high-quality, full-color, all-inclusive piece designed to impress the reader and provide for year-long shelf life and pass-along use. It is large enough to present a complete collection of information, yet small enough to fit in one’s pocketbook.

Downtown Inc subsidizes the cost of producing the guide to keep display advertising rates low for you—our small downtown business. We hope these lower rates encouraged you to showcase your business and promote it as an important part of our great downtown destination!

Questions? Contact Downtown Inc Marketing Director Meg Feeser  (Meg can be reached by phone at 717-849-2331) or Elsie Smith.