Park and Shop Program

Free parking for your customers;
a discount for you!

The City of York Park and Shop program is a way for you, the business owner, to help pick up some or all of the cost of your patrons parking in any of the three York City parking garages.

Park and Shop Program in Downtown York

How It Works

  • You pre-purchase the parking vouchers from the City in bundles of 50.
  • Each voucher is worth 1 free hour of garage parking ($2.50).
  • The vouchers are sold to you at a 50% discount, so a bundle of 50 costs you $62.50. Larger quantities are available as requested.
  • You distribute to your customers/clients as you see fit. You decide if or when you are going to validate your guest parking – you control the vouchers.
  • The vouchers never expire and are accepted at all three parking garages.
  • The vouchers will be accepted for parking at any time.

How We’ll Partner

We will offer you the vouchers at 50% reduced rate and they never expire. However, vouchers cannot be resold. Any entity found to be re-selling the vouchers will no longer be permitted to participate in the program.

We can even print your business name or a unique message on the voucher (maximum 3 lines) so that your patron will remember the business that provided their parking!

How to Get Started

Download this form (PDF)!


If you have any questions, call the York City Parking & Billing Office.

Mary Shoff, (717) 849-2230.