Choosing to include Downtown Inc in your estate planning means that you truly value the mission of our organization: To drive, enhance, and encourage investment in Downtown York.

By supporting Downtown Inc through a planned gift, you are investing in the long-term financial health of this organization. You are helping us create fun activities for people to enjoy throughout the years. You are ensuring that we can improve the economic development of the area for years to come. You are assisting us in our efforts to increase the safety of this beloved area well into the future. 

Investing in the future of Downtown Inc is investing in the future of the Downtown York that you love to live, work, and play in.

Legal Name & Tax ID

  • Main Street York Inc
  • 23-2411781

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Planned Gift?
    • A planned gift is a contribution that is arranged in the present and allocated at a future date. Most planned gifts are donated through a will or trust, and they are most often granted once the donor has passed away.

  • Who Can Give?
    • Anyone is able to give a planned gift!
  • How Do Planned Gifts Benefit the Donor?
    • Donors can receive certain types of tax breaks by donating a planned gift. For example, bequests can result in that money being exempt from estate taxes. For more in-depth information about the tax breaks associated with planned giving, contact a financial adviser or attorney.
  • Is Planned Giving Difficult or Complicated?
    • It doesn’t have to be. There are different kinds of planned gifts and the easiest kind to leave is a bequest. A bequest is a statement in your will, trust, or estate plan that designates a gift to a specific charity.
  • What Kinds of Bequests are There?

    • There are three types of bequests.

      • A specific bequest is the exact amount of money that a donor will give.

      • A percentage bequest is a percentage of what the donor will give (such as a percentage of their estate).

      • A remainder bequest is the leftover funds that an organization gets after the donor has paid all other bequests.

  • How Will the Money Be Used?

    • You can trust Downtown Inc to use planned gifts to benefit Downtown York in the best way possible, because we care about this area as much as you do!

    • However if you would like to, then you can choose how your gift is used. This is done through your will or trust and can be done after speaking to your attorney.

Leave a Legacy

Planned Giving is a wonderful way to invest in the future of Downtown York. It is using estate planning to help ensure that Downtown York will thrive for many years to come! If you are considering donating a planned gift, then be sure to speak with an attorney or financial planner. They will help you come up with the best planned gift for you and your estate!

Contact Us

Downtown Inc can help you along the way. For more information on any of these or additional options, please contact Meagan Feeser at or 717-849-2331