Ribbon Cuttings

Ribbon cuttings are a free service provided by Downtown Inc. A ribbon cutting is a promotional tool that serves as way to get to know you and introduce your business to the community. Through our cross promotion, we coordinate your ribbon cutting using several outlets including social media, press releases and by inviting public officials and downtown York supporters to attend the event.  

What happens at the Ribbon cutting?

-       Downtown Inc brings the red ribbon and large scissors

-       Welcome statements from the City of York, Downtown Inc and yourself (3-4 sentences)

-       Photo opportunities galore

What do we do?

-       Coordinate an appropriate date in concert with The City of York, you the business owner, and          Downtown Inc

-       Draft a press release with your input (complete ribbon cutting form on website)

-       Promote your ribbon cutting through social media (FB and Twitter) Downtown Inc E-newsletters         and Merchant News

-       Produce and circulate personalized emails by Downtown Inc staff to our Board of Directors,             volunteers, local business community and Downtown York supporters with an invitation to                 attend your ribbon cutting

-       Request White Rose Community Television to attend and broadcast (you may have the                     opportunity to be interviewed)

What should you do?

-       Announce the date on your media outlets (website, FB, and Twitter)

-       Create a Facebook event and invite customers, friends, and family

-       Be prepared with marketing materials for the event such as business cards and brochures

-       Consider running a sale/special on the day of the ribbon cutting to encourage attendance

-       Provide light refreshments or samples - make it a party!

 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Debbie Bailey, Manager of Business Services- dbailey@downtownyorkpa.com or 717-849-2331.


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